Object Universe

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Team Icecream
Team Strength
Team Extended


August 1, 2012 - August 10, 2013

Created by

Samuel Thornbury

Animated by

Samuel Thornbury

Succeeded by

Object Twoniverse

Object Universe is an object show that aired on August 1st, the same day as its brother show, 'Object Mayhem'


The series features 13 contestants, who are Ice Cream, Map, Basketball, Cup, Balloon, Tennis Racket, TV, Button, Apple (From Inanimate Insanity), Water Bottle, Baseball, Lego Piece and 3DS, who are competing for $100,000 on a show, hosted by Window, who was killed once by his evil twin, Evil Window, who was later replaced with Map, who got the connection to work so he could revive Window.


Participant Team Status Placing
Tennis Racket Team Icecream 1st Kicked Out
in Barriers and Heights
12th Place
Button Team Strength 2nd Voted Out
in Language of a Broken Window
11th Place
Balloon Team Strength 3th Kicked out
in Surprise Arrival
10th Place
Ice Cream Team Icecream 5/4th Booted  Out in Come 'n Go
8th/9th PlaceEdit
Bottle Team Strength 5/4th Booted Out
in Come 'n Go
8th/9th Place
Lego Team Extended 6th Voted Out
in That Last Rip
7th Place
Remote Team Ice Cream
7th Voted Out
6th Place
USB Team Ice Cream

8th Voted Out

5th Place
Map Team Strength 9th Voted out
4th Place
Disco Ball  Team Strength 10th voted out
3rd Place
Ice Cream Team Ice Cream Lost the challenge
in Finale
Winner/2nd Place
TV Team Strength

Winner/2nd Place


Go here for the offical list of Object Universe episodes!


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